Deeran Anderson

"Deeran was the DJ and MC for our company's holiday party, and he did a phenomenal job!  He was professional, personable, and brought a ton of energy to the party.  The dance floor was always packed, and everyone had SO much fun!  Looking forward to our next party so we can bring Deeran back!"

-Kyle Wills (HubHaus Community Coordinator)


About Deeran

If you want more inspiration and laughter in your lives, Deeran Anderson-Hooper is your guy!  

Speaker, author and entertainment host Deeran Anderson-Hooper is quickly becoming a household name as evidenced through his multiple television appearances on The Game Show Network, Facebook Show, Youtube Red, Afterbuzz TV, and a starring role on the E! Network reality show Revenge Body. Outside of creating helpful and insightful personal development blogs on his website, Deeran’s latest endeavor is a self help book that takes an unconventional glimpse at Deeran’s journey from life in the projects of Detroit, Michigan to living a life he never imagined in Los Angeles, California titled Colorful Confessions: from Headache and Heartbreak to Healing and Happiness.

Born and raised by a single mother in Detroit, MI and the eldest of five, Deeran is no stranger to hard work. He has earned a Bachelor's degree in Business, become a certified international personal development coach, served as a United States Naval sailor and is a former radio host and field reporter for KNSJ 89.1FM (where his love of music and unmatched work ethic earned him the nickname “DJ Deeran”). Deeran has learned a lot throughout his life and business experiences and his authentic personality captivates those with whom he comes in contact. Word traveler and embracing cultures spanning from Japan to Italy, has led Deeran to the personal development space where he believes everyone needs accountability, motivation and community to succeed no matter where they are from or where they want to go.

So, it made sense that on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardasian, Deeran lost 40lbs in 12 weeks by relizining “fitness” goes across the board. During this process fans of the show saw as Deeran’s emotional and mental fitness grew stronger, so did his physical. Deeran has coined the phrase “It does no good for you to be physically fit and emotional corrupt, Or to be Financially fit and spiritually lost”.  

Indeed, Deeran has come a long way in life – from his humble beginnings to an established speaker, author and entertainment host but there is still so much of his story that has yet to unfold. Deeran now uses what he has been thought through his studies, life adventures and time on the show from world renowned trainers, nutrisnest, therapist and thought leaders  to help other people with accountability, motivation and community to succeed no matter where they are from or where they want to go. He invites everyone to join him on the journey to become more “FIT”.



The Deeran Show is a social media variety show. We discuss life, goals, share tips, and have fun along the way! Come join the journey and see where it takes us. This ever evolving variety show is a great way for you to watch and/or listen while being entertained and learning. For season 1 episodes aired every Tuesday and Friday for 8 weeks at 9:00am PST on Facebook.