(Pre-Sale) Colorful Confessions Paperback Signed

(Pre-Sale) Colorful Confessions Paperback Signed


Colorful Confessions takes a unconventional glimpse at Television Personality and Entertainer DJ Deeran’s journey from living in the projects of Detroit, Michigan to Living the life he never imanged in Los Angeles, California.  This book is for anyone who is in the space they don't want to be and currently looking for inspiration on how to cure emotional headaches, handle situational heartbreaks, and have not fully healed from the past trauma, while also channeling happiness to live their best life. To anyone who feels alone and isolated, or feels misunderstood and and let down time and time again this book is for you. Through poetry and stories, Deeran takes you through different emotions by confessing his own feelings while giving the reader a glimpse into his life and  various exercises, quotes, and scriptures that he has used and applied to help resolve his own inner turmoil and move from headache to happiness.

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