4 Tips for Knowing How to Embrace Your God Given Gifts

Many times during our lives we go through hardships that make us question our purpose in life. During these tough times, we may wonder why we’re even on this Earth and doubt our abilities to accomplish anything. There were times in my life when I just wanted to “throw in the towel” and call it a day.  I left my stable paying job to join the United States Navy and was stationed on the other half of the country. Many times, I questioned my “leap of faith.” Choosing the road less traveled was scary and very risky. When I was struggling, I felt as though I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I just wanted to give up, pack up and go home. I had to remind myself that God is all around us 24/7 and he’s given us the gifts we already possess in order to achieve our dreams in life. During the tough times, just remind yourself that God has a plan for you. You just need to look a little deeper within to see the path that’s right in front of you like I did, and continue to do everyday. Here are 4 tips for knowing how to embrace your God given gifts.

First, Know How Your Gifts Are Manifested

How is your gift manifested? Do you know what your gifts are? Do you know what they look like? Do you know what it feels or sounds like when you are operating within your gift? Your gift is tailored just for you. You can have two different people who are both singers, writers, etc., but their gifts are still manifested differently. For example, TD Jakes and Oprah have similar personality traits as hosts. However, although they may have similar gifts and reach millions of viewers, they are using their gifts in two completely different ways. Before you can embrace your God given gifts you have to know what they are.  You can do this by simply separating your soft and hard skills. Compare and contrast the soft skills you already possess and receive schooling/training for the hard skills. Look at the traits that come easy to you. Do you solve mathematical equations easily? Can you whip up a creme brûlée from scratch without taking a cooking class? Are you a great listener that can assess a problem and provide practical solutions? These minute details of your personality can show you the gifts that you already possess. 

Second, Understand Your Gifts 

This can go hand and hand with defining your gifts but in case you didn’t know, there are three parts to your gifts. First, the message (purpose). Second, your voice (flair). Third, the vessel (in a certain capacity). Knowing all three parts can help you completely work within your gift. Helping others become their most genuine and authentic selves is an example of working on “the message” from God. The voice is how the message is supposed to be delivered. Is the message supposed to have a warm tone or a more stern tone? Another way of phrasing this is asking, “What's your flair that goes within the message?” For example, the famous debate on Cardi B vs. Oprah. They both push others to live their most authentic lives, but their flair on the message is completely different. The vessel is asking, “In what capacity are you supposed to deliver the message?”. For example, are you supposed to be a motivational speaker or a school counselor? A lot of people already know their message. Some people get mixed up with the voice, (like myself) but the majority of people perceive the vessel wrong and they let their desire of wanting materialistic things and fame dictate their vessel. This ultimately makes them miss the mark on fulfilling their dreams and using their gift properly.   

Third, Layer Your Gift

After you have figured out how your gift is manifested and you understand your gift, the next tip is meant for those who have a lot to offer but don’t necessarily need to share it all at once (which is everyone to be honest). As TD Jakes always says, “just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean that you’re CALLED to do it”.  In other words, make sure not to do too much at one time. Instead, let it grow over time. Let’s use the example of music. I’m taking lessons on how to make house music in which you have drums, piano, bass and a saxophone. I want to bring all the instruments together and create a song. That’s when my music teacher said, “if you introduce it all at once it will sound messy and muttered.  Therefore, if you stack them and introduce them over time it will sound much better.” You let the drums start off the song, and then in eight counts bring in the bass. Wait another eight counts and then bring in the piano. Finally, the saxophone! Next thing you know, you will have a symphony of beautiful, flowing music that will sound great. Allow your gift to be layered and introduce one element at a time. Taking your time allows the next opportunity to open, like how i had to wait 8 counts for the right moment to introduce the bass into the song.

Fourth, Choose To Love Your Gift And The Gift Giver

The last thing you must do to embrace your God given gifts is choose to love and appreciate them and the gift giver. I used to wonder why God gave us free will. Why did he allow this wrinkle in our DNA? Free will is a blessing and a curse. God has given all of us the ability to make choices in life. We have the ability to choose good or evil, right or wrong, self or others and most importantly, the freedom to choose who we love.  In my opinion, the most powerful form of love is the love of choice versus the love of obligation. I always tell people that it doesn’t matter how many people give you unconditional love and praise. If you are not receiving a desired love from a certain someone, a piece of you will always be missing and you are left feeling unsatisfied. The love of a family member may feel great, but there is something different about the love of a partner and when he/she chooses to only love you. The fact that your partner chose to love you as opposed to loving you because you are family sets off a completely different emotion. For example, being sober in rehab is much different than being sober in the “real world.” When you are expected to be sober in a certain environment versus choosing to be sober in an environment that may be open to drugs/alcohol, it’s similar to being loved by your family as opposed to a lover. 

The key component between the two is choice. There are so many people on this Earth. When a person chooses to love you, stick by you and love you for your flaws, THAT is the most powerful form of love. I believe THAT is why God gave the freedom of choice. It’s one thing for everyone to be programmed to love God and your gifts. It’s another thing to have so many options, ideas, circumstances and you still choose to love God. Love by choice. That’s powerful! 

From this day forward, promise yourself to embrace your gifts by taking them out in the world boldly, believing in them, their value, and yourself, doing everything you can to share them, regardless of what anyone else has to say. This exercise is not just about finding your strengths, identifying your skill sets, or praising your talents. This adventure can give you answers that no self-assessment you’ve done at work or in school ever gave you. This is about you seeing and embracing your God given gifts, the ones that came from the universe as a direct expression of divine love for not only yourself, but for the world.