5 Essential Tips For Developing A Better You

Everyone needs to improve themselves one way or another whether we know it or not.  When we start to accept this fact, we can finally grow as human beings.  Self-Improvement or Personal Development are terms I like to use when it comes to self-growth.  Personal Development can be achieved with the use of goal setting, time management, organizational skills, leadership skills, and mind-power or visualization skills.  What we also want to do to better ourselves is to transform our unwanted negative thoughts into beliefs that can ultimately empower and inspire for the better.  Doing this can make the essential and positive changes in almost every aspect of our lives.  This is how I inspired myself to be the best I could be and how I will be even a better me every day that passes by.  My transformative experience was so inspiring that I want to help you all realize the “better you”.  My tips below will lead you to a better and amazing life.


1.       “Today, NOT Someday”

Start your transformative experience TODAY. It will take time to accomplish your goals so you need to start now!  Build on what you do today, tomorrow.  Whether it be small changes or large ones, procrastination is not the key.  You can start with small goals or even break a large goal into smaller parts.  What matters is progress and you can’t have progress by telling yourself it can be done another day.  Time is irreplaceable and we lose it every second that passes by.  So, start today, you won’t regret it!

2.       Expect To Accomplish Something

While some people believe that the best of the best are just smarter than the rest of the world, it is a fact for some but not true for all.  The absolutely real tip here is to anticipate winning sooner than you think.  The successful people of the world all have something in common; they all have goals and expect to achieve them. This is because your mindset has an extremely powerful effect on whether or not you will reach your personal development goals.  Being negative and skeptical will only hold you back and stump your growth.  The underlying truth here is that possessing a determined mindset will go further than just having knowledge or skills, however having both would be more beneficial of course. 

3.       Look for your blind spots

Many people attempt to achieve their goals in personal develop by fail to reach them for a variety of reasons.  However, there is one reason that most would be unaware of: Blind Spots.   In normal nomenclature, blind spots are the areas that we cannot physically see within our line of vision.  In regards to personal development it is a more abstract concept.  Blind spots in personal development are the things that you are unaware of.  Whether it be positive or negative, these blind spots can be triggers that make you annoyed, weirded out, happy, or sad without you even knowing it.  Finding these blind spots can help you discover areas you may need to develop or improve.  Once you can figure out your blind spots and become more aware, you can try to avoid the negative ones and pursue the positive ones.

4.       Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

Like I previously mentioned, time is irreplaceable.  Every day that goes by could be time wasted or time to make you better than you were yesterday. When mistakes are made you can’t get that time back.  This is why you should learn from the successes of other people and the mistakes they have made because that can save days to decades worth of time.

5.       Compete With Yourself And Not With Others

Many people compare their self-improvement earnings and skills with other people in order to improve upon themselves but still happen to fail ultimately.  This comparison tactic affects your success by killing your personal motivation while in the process.  Rather than comparing yourself to others you should focus on your own results and compete with yourself.  This is essential in a way you can focus on what you have done wrong and figure out how to process and improve it effectively.  This can also be an excellent motivator when the you can see how much you have improved over time.  Only you are responsible for what you are today and only you should take credit for your own hard work.