Why Intention Matters

Intention, Energy & Emotion

How can one person do something, and the next person comes along and does the same thing and get a different outcome? Why is it when a person enters a room there sometimes can be a shift in the places dynamic? Or why do we feel how we feel? The answer comes back to intention. Your intention for something is so powerful that your energy, emotions, and actions are all tied around it.  


If you don’t know what intention is, it is the why behind any situation. The intention is the reason you are doing something. Before you notice an action, why it’s happening is the intention. If I tell someone “I love you” that is the action, but there was an intention as to why I said it. The intention determines the outcome, not the action. Some examples of this are I may be saying I love you from the purpose of self-gratification because I want you to say it back to me. Maybe I want you to hear the words I love you because I felt you needed a reminder that you are loved by someone. I could also be saying I love you because I want to share an intimate moment with you. 

Most often, your intention will determine the outcome of the situation or what the other person feels from your actions. Maya Angelou once said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”. One way of looking at this quote is that people may forget the action, but they will always remember the intention. An example of this is, Have you ever experienced a person who had done you wrong then apologized to you for the wrongdoing? When they apologized you forgave them, or maybe you didn’t, What made you forgive them or not forgive them? Was it because you felt that person’s sincerity or felt they were saying it because they had to? The action of them apologizing was not enough to make you move one way or the other it was the intention behind the words. 


There are a couple of things that happen between the initial thought and the action of that thought. Producing energy is the first thing that happens. Have you ever heard people talk about energy and how it changes when someone enters the room? Another term for this is spirit(s); one is the scientific term, and primarily the other is used in a spiritual context. Another word people used that means the same as both energy and spirits are vibes which is a more relaxed word. When a person walks into a room, their spirits do as well; which can add or throw off the balance of the room. 

So, the question is, how do you know what energy/spirits/vibes you possess, what energy you’re giving off, and what energy you are attracting? There is a quick and simple way to this that I found helpful. You will need to be in a still quiet place where you can close your eyes for this to work. Next, feel the sensation in your body, feel your heartbeat, think if it is warm, cold, curious, happy, mean, etc. The feeling(s) that come to you at that moment is the energy/spirits/vibes you currently poses and that are attached to you. 


The other step that happens before an action occurs is energy manifest emotions. Your energy shows up in many forms; depression, fear, anxiety, joy, love, happiness, and so on. As stated in my personal growth book ColorfulConfessions: From Headache & Heartbreak to Healing & Happiness, all emotions reside in one of the four categories; Headache, Heartbreak, Healing & Happiness. Sometimes you can have a combination of emotions because you can have a mix of intentions for one thing. The one piece of advice I would give is to be sure to check what emotions you are manifesting. Before you decide to say yes to a task or before you act on something, make sure you are present in the situation. Being present allows your intentions, energy, and emotions to become in line with each other and produce the action you desire. 

 So remember intention manages your energy which produces your emotions which will guide your actions. But to throw a curveball at you, Also, be aware that sometimes your intentions can shift. For example, a politician may start their campaign with the intent to serve the community. But before they know it greed, power, corruption enters and shifts their intention, which will change their energy and their emotions. So, be sure to be mindful of your intentions; they are mighty and hold higher weight in this world than we give them credit.